A Tour De Force Cop Film “Nakshatram” Ready for Premieres on August-3rd

As we are aware, majority of our telugu cop films are formulaic hero-centric films; or the cops end up being all negative and corrupt. Then, there are the occasional funny cops too. Directed by Ace Film Maker Krishna Vamshi with ensemble cast including Legendary Prakash Raj, Sundeep Kishan, Sai Dharam Tej, Regina Cassandra, Pragya Jaiswal and Tanish releasing on August-3rd in USA looks at the lives of cops in more realistic way as it can get similar to Govind Nihalani’s “Drohkaal” and  “Ardh Satya”(Bollywood movies) bringing out vintage creative director back in action.

In a film career spanning more than two decades, Director Krishna Vamshi has only made brilliant films like “Gulabi”, “Sindooram”, “Anthapuram”, and “Khadgam”, to name a few, with full of honesty and passion for film, with characters inspired from real world and situations close to real life that have resonated with all the telugu audiences and inspired a generation of filmmakers. His upcoming film “Nakshatram” is of no exception which explores the topic of how a honest Policeman on duty protects and serves the nation with integrity like Lord Hanuman from epic Ramayana. The movie also deals with a International problem that will be known only after you see the film.

Our nation India has been facing challenges with many internal enemies like Maoists, Factionists and religious terrorists. It is to be noticed, all of these groups never manufacture weapons but only buy’Em to use them. Have you ever wondered who funds & manufactures these weapons ? Can a honest wanna be cop with sheer passion for serving the country help resolve this problem ? Director Krishna Vamsi explores this topic further in this action entertainer cop film.

The underlying themes in the movie sounds very serious. Isn’t it ? But, if you ask about posters, teasers and trailers indicating all the trappings of a masala potboiler, we all know that our maverick filmmaker never had any qualms stepping up the glamour quotient in song sequences, while always staying true to his story.

“All the principal characters are connected to the police force. Sundeep Kishan plays an aspiring, third-generation sub inspector while Sai Dharam Tej is the more flamboyant police officer. Sundeep comes from a middle class set-up, while Sai is well to do, educated and placed in a higher rank, a dedicated officer. On the other hand there’s Tanish who gets swayed by power and money. But, it is Prakash Raj, the nucleus of the film that holds the entire world of Nakshtram together. He plays a police commissioner,” says Krishnavamsi.” Who can forget the memorable characters that dynamic actor-director duo, Prakash Raj-Krishna Vamshi have created on telugu cinema screen. Their new outing will certainly be a great feast to watch again.

In the rainbow of Nakshatram, the two stars that will glow real bright with their sheer beauty and gorgeousness are the leading ladies of the film, Pragya Jaiswal and Regina Cassandra. We all know our Director Krishna Vamsi’s eye to capture the beauty. It is to be noted that both the leading women are not mere eye candies in the film. Regina plays an assistant choreographer in love with Sundeep Kishan while Pragya is an undercover cop who has couple of fight sequences, one with Sundeep as well.

All the songs are chartbusters, especially the melodies, “Ey Papa” and “Pedavaki Nuvvantey” and the inspiring song of this year, “Sudigalalley”. The action sequences have come out really well and Cinematography by Srinkanth Naroj is outstanding enhancing the directors vision. The movie promises very well conceived action sequences as well from trailer. Certainly, all the youngsters that have worked in the film are bound to give their career best performances since the Director Krishna Vamshi is known to extract the best and won’t settle for anything short.

This entertaining film with a hard hitting message is hitting the theaters near you this Thursday and Trendy Cinemas are very proud to associate with this film that can be thoroughly enjoyed by all your friends & family at a ticket price of 12$ for Adults and 8$ for kids including premieres. You can’t miss this movie !!

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